What aged care services are available?

There are many services available to support you and your family when the time comes to consider aged care. 

Residential care is provided within an aged care residence (previously known as a nursing home) on an ongoing basis. The resident moves into the residence of their choice, where all their care and health needs are supported by trained clinical and care staff. Residential care also includes the provision of hospitality services, such as dining and laundry, and lifestyle programs including social and recreational activities.

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Home and community care provides customised services to help people to maintain living independently by supporting their health, safety, community engagement and holistic wellbeing. Services are provided within the individual’s own home or out in the community.Providers work with clients to tailor services to meet their specific needs. Home care services include domestic assistance, personal care, nursing services and social support. These services are provided through a range of programs, both government funded and privately accessed.

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Respite care offers carers a short-term break from their role as primary caregiver. It can be provided in an aged care residence for a longer break or in the care recipient’s own home for a short break.Respite care can also be used as part of the transition process into an aged care residence.

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Convalescent care is provided on a short-term basis while a person recovers from an injury or illness. It is also available to those who wish to return home after a hospital stay.Convalescent care can be provided in the person’s own home or in an aged care residence depending on the level of care needs.BlueCross provides convalescent care in conjunction with BUPA Australia through the CARE Program, as well as through our HomeCare services.

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Dementia care is a specific care program designed to positively support people who are living with dementia (which includes Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia).These specialised programs aim to improve the quality of life of people living with dementia, by customising the environment, care and activities and offering additional sensory therapy and support.Dementia care may be provided within a secure unit in an aged care residence to protect the safety of those living with dementia, or integrated within the residential care environment for those with lower level care needs.

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Ageing in place refers to a continuity of care model, where an aged care residence can continue to accommodate and provide support to residents as their care needs increase.Ageing in place is not available at all residences, as it depends on the suitability of the environment to meet changing care needs; and a resident’s wellbeing and safety is always the top priority.

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