Palliative care and advanced life care planning

Palliative care is the provision of specialised, multi-disciplinary and holistic care for someone living with a terminal illness, through the coordination and delivery a range of services. Advanced life care planning is about having a plan in place should you require palliative care, so family and your aged care provider know your preferences and can tailor your care accordingly. It is a way of ensuring your choices are understood and respected.

At BlueCross, our approach is to improve the resident’s level of comfort and provide the best health care possible while also addressing any psychological, spiritual, social, emotional and cultural needs. Families are welcomed as partners in this approach, as they too play a vital role in ensuring the comfort and care of their loved ones.  It is possible to provide pallliative care in a BlueCross residence, avoiding the need to transfer to a hospital.

Taking the opportunity to discuss advanced life care planning now with family and residence staff can assist us to plan and, should the need arise, provide the type of palliative care you would prefer.

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