Leisure and lifestyle program

All of our BlueCross residences offer a leisure and lifestyle program that enhances the quality of life for each resident. We believe activity and social engagement promotes health and wellbeing and we encourage each person to have fun and enjoy each day.

Our leisure and lifestyle programs are developed in consultation with residents and are tailored to their interests and abilities to foster participation and an active lifestyle as much as possible. We talk to the residents to find out about their interests and hobbies, their background, their involvement in any groups or clubs and to uncover any hidden talents. We then provide a variety of activities each day, from large groups, small groups and individual activities.

Activities in aged care

We also have a range of wellbeing programs available – such as pet therapy, exercise programs, music therapy, art and craft groups, gardening programs, dementia specific therapies and more.

Some examples of activities at our residences include:

  • Social events – such as Men’s Shed, knitting groups, themed events/parties or visitors from the local community or schools
  • Entertainment – such as movies, performers, speakers and presenters
  • Games – crosswords and quizzes, cards, board games and bingo
  • Outdoor activities – such as walking groups, bus outings and more.

See our award winning Men's Gym program in action at BlueCross Glengowrie here.

We can also provide staff from Care at Home to take residents out to appointments or activities.

Our residences also offer a range of additional services to add to client comfort and convenience. Hairdressing, podiatry and physiotherapy are available to help keep clients healthy and happy.


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