Dining and hospitality

At BlueCross we know how important the dining and hospitality services are to our residents in maintaining and improving their quality and enjoyment of life. We are committed to ensuring the standard of these services matches our exceptional level of care.

Hospitality services refer to accommodation services that are additional to the care and lifestyle programs offered.

Dining experience

We understand the joy and pleasure that food brings to our lives, so our residences all have dedicated chefs who prepare all the nutritious meals on-site daily, including morning and afternoon tea.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner all offer selections of hot and cold meals.  A menu to choose from is circulated usually a week in advance and we are pleased to cater to any dietary or cultural requirements our residents might have. Many of our residences also provide special catering for events such as Christmas, and host themed dining experiences throughout the year.

Most residences also have fully stocked tea and coffee stations located throughout the residence for residents and their guests to help themselves whenever the mood takes them.  Our social calendars include weekly happy hours and monthly high teas.

Other services

BlueCross hospitality services also includes:

  • Full laundry service
  • Cleaning and housekeeping
  • Gardening – some residences also have gardening programs for those residents who wish to be involved in looking after the gardens
  • Residence maintenance and repairs

All suppliers and contractors must meet BlueCross’ high standards of service provision and operate in line with all BlueCross policies, as well as accreditation standards and legislative requirements.

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