Aged care services

Since 1 July 2014, the government has removed the distinction between low care and high care as part of the Living Longer Living Better reforms. People still need to have their care needs assessed in order to be granted approval for residential care, but are no longer be specified as low or high care. Admission to each residence is based on our ability to meet the specific care needs as outlined in the assessment, rather than the high or low care classification.

Level of care

BlueCross provides care services for people with low and high care needs. This can include those people who need some help but do not have very complex ongoing care needs to those who require a greater assistance with daily living activities or have complex ongoing care needs.

Your level of care is determined through an Aged Care Assessment, which is designed to ensure your care meets your need. The assessment will also help us determine whether a residence will be suited to ensuring your ongoing health and wellbeing.

Types of aged care services:

  • Accommodation related services – furnishings, bedding, general laundry, toiletries, cleaning services, all meals, maintenance of buildings and grounds and the provision of staff on call to provide emergency assistance

  • Personal care services – assistance with the activities of daily living such as bathing, going to the toilet, eating, dressing, moving around, maintaining continence or managing incontinence, rehabilitation support and assistance in obtaining health and therapy services.

  • Nursing services – medication management and administration, wound care, other treatments and procedures. Nursing staff at the BlueCross residences can manage these needs.

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