CARE Program

Convalescence and Recuperative Enhancement Care

BlueCross and Bupa Australia have joined together to offer BUPA Health Insurance members the CARE program.

The CARE program has been developed to provide residential accommodation and care to Bupa Health Insurance members who find it difficult to return home immediately after a period of hospitalisation.

The aim of CARE is to provide supportive and recuperative care in a comfortable environment to achieve optimum levels of health, mobility and independence in preparation for returning home.

What does the CARE Program provide?

The CARE Program is for short-term residential care, post-acute or rehabilitation hospital admission, before going home. It provides Bupa Health Insurance members with residential accommodation that offers:

  • Emergency call system for on call medical attention
  • 24-hour assistance and qualified care
  • Private bedroom with ensuite bathroom
  • Meals, laundry and servicing of room
  • Assistance with daily living requirements
  • Coaching for increased independence
  • Provision of ongoing treatments
  • Access to allied health services
  • Recreational activities
  • Monitoring of continuing recovery

How to access the CARE Program

The CARE Program can only be accessed through a referral from the acute or rehabilitation hospital.

Referrals are accepted from:

  • Social workers
  • Case managers
  • Discharge coordinators

When a Bupa Health Insurance member is referred to the CARE Program, the care requirements are established. These are then carefully matched to the most suitable residence for the member to access convalescent care.

Post discharge services are organised by the hospital before the member’s discharge.

Convalescence is provided for seven days (longer stays will only be considered for approval in special medical circumstances).

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