BlueCross unveils new brand

Leading aged care provider BlueCross has unveiled its new logo, as part of its rebrand to bring merger partner Sapphire Care under the same banner.

Both companies have been operating as separate brands since the merger. Under the new brand, Sapphire Care residences will be rebranded to BlueCross while retaining their local residence name.

BlueCross Chief Executive Officer Robert Putamorsi says that bringing both companies together under a common name and brand, will enable the combined entity to leverage on the strengths, values and historic legacies of the two brands.  

“We are excited about our bold, new unified identity which makes us unique and sets us apart in a sector that is getting increasingly competitive,” says Mr Putamorsi.

“From August, the new BlueCross logo and visual identity will be rolled out gradually across all residences and services. This includes new uniforms for all staff, branding on company vehicles, a new website and brochures, among other branded items.”

The merger between BlueCross and Sapphire Care has strengthened the companies’ positions in the market and expanded their footprint. Together, the combined entity now supports more than 2600 residents across 34 aged care residences and over 1000 clients living in their own homes.

“We are really excited to see BlueCross represented with such vibrancy and impact,” says Mr Putamorsi. “While we have a new look, our commitment to providing excellent care and support to our clients will remain our priority.”


The New BlueCross Logo - What Each Element Represents

Two elements were used to develop the new logo – a circle and a cross. The circle represents the company’s connectedness to the community, and the cross ‒ which is part of the company name ‒ marks the universal symbol for care.


The five coloured circles are arranged into a cross to form the brand identity. Together with the name BlueCross, they form the new logo.


Each circle also represents one of BlueCross’ five new values: Safety, Excellence, Partnership, Kindness, Choice.



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