BlueCross wins a Better Practice Award for the ‘Grappling with Grief’ pastoral care program

BlueCross Ashby in Templestowe Lower is the proud recipient of a Better Practice Award from the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency for their ‘Grappling with Grief’ pastoral care program.

Grief is mostly associated with death and mourning, however at BlueCross Ashby they have identified the grief that new residents feel when they move away from their own home, routine and/or spouse.

Ashby’s Administration Coordinator (qualified in Pastoral Care) identified that new residents were experiencing differing levels of grief and loss, and that care staff lacked the expertise and time to adequately address this.

Grappling with Grief is a six week program that provides counselling, comfort and support to each resident (and often their family) who are entering Ashby. It helps them adjust to their losses (home, spouse, independence) and help them manage the accompanying grief. They can discuss issues such as how they are settling in, any concerns, acknowledging feelings of grief of leaving their previous home and loved ones, fitting into life at the residence, establishing new friends and maintaining outside. After the six-week period, the Pastoral Care Coordinator is available to the resident and/or family anytime if they feel they need somebody to talk to.

Grappling with Grief is now an integral part of Ashby’s culture and the benefits (level of grief, level of depression and resident engagement) are regularly monitored and have demonstrated the value of the overall program.

BlueCross is excited about the potential for wide-reaching positive outcomes for residents in aged care at BlueCross and beyond, and are happy to showcase the program to interested parties, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



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