Department of Veterans Affairs - Nursing Program

The Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA) Nursing Program provides specialised personal and nursing care to veterans, war widows and widowers. The Nursing Program is delivered by qualified, experienced BlueCross nursing staff and personal carers to support you to maintain your health, safety and wellbeing in your home.

Nursing Program services

The nursing program provides access to a range of care services related to your health, including:

  • Personal care

  • Wound care

  • Continence assessments

  • Assistance with medications.

Services can be provided on an ongoing basis to maintain independence at home or temporarily to assist in restoring health following an injury or illness.

Accessing services

To access the DVA Nursing Program, you need to be an eligible veteran, war widow or widower. Eligibility depends on the type of Repatriation Health Card you have, the kind of residence you live in and if you are receiving any other healthcare programs. The care is fully funded by DVA for those who are eligible for services.

'The Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA) will pay for these services for Gold Card holders where the person has a clinical need for the nursing and has been referred by a Local Medical Officer. For White Card holders the condition requiring nursing must also be an accepted disability.' Source: Department of Veterans' Affairs.

We are happy to assist with any enquiries regarding eligibility, the referral process or provision of services. To commence services with BlueCross, a written referral from your doctor or another DVA authorised person is required. We will then arrange a home visit to discuss your needs and develop a tailored care plan. Your program will then commence, with your needs monitored on an ongoing basis to ensure care continues to be suitable even if your needs change.

For other information related to the DVA or the Nursing Program, please visit or call 133 254.

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