STARFish Principles

By following the STARFish Principles, BlueCross aims to create an atmosphere where all our clients and staff are engaged, have fun and most importantly, get the most out of life – irrespective of age. It inspires our staff to develop positive attitudes about how we show up to work and continue throughout each day.

We encourage all staff to give STARFish Awards to their colleagues to recognise when they exemplify one of the STARFish Principles. These awards include a certificate and gift card to reward their contribution. There is also an annual STARFish Award winner.

BlueCross would like to acknowledge the FISH! Principles on which are STARFish principles are based.

The STARFish Principles

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Be There

BlueCross staff ensure that we're with you at all times, listening, engaging and giving you and each other our undivided attention.

Have Fun

BlueCross staff believe in having fun at work with each other and with you. Having fun ensures that all tasks, large or small, simple or difficult, can be accomplished in a positive environment with positive outcomes for everyone.

Choose Your Attitude 

At BlueCross we believe that attitude is a choice and we choose to work in a professional, accountable and fun filled environment.

Make Their Day

BlueCross staff strive to make someone's day or moment, through a small act of kindness or an unforgettable engagement, we can turn even routine encounters into special memories.

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