Philosophy & Culture

Our culture

BlueCross culture is one of excellence, innovation and safe practice in all that we do.

Our staff share a passion and drive to make a real difference in the lives of our residents and clients. We take great pride in recruiting people who share this passion – after all, it’s our people that put the magic into aged care and enrich lives.

Working at BlueCross, you can be a part of a dynamic and diverse organisation, committed to ensuring that for residents this is the place to live and for our staff that this is the place to work.

We are dedicated to creating a positive culture and environment for all our staff which is driven by our STARFish Principles

Our philosophy

Enriching lives is the fundamental and foundational philosophy on which BlueCross has built all its engagement initiatives with staff, students, clients, key stakeholders and partners. We maintain a strong belief in the person-centred care model that enriches and empowers lives.

BlueCross believes that the orientation process is an important aspect of introducing a new staff member to our philosophy, culture and ethos. With more than 2000 staff working with BlueCross, the orientation allows new staff the opportunity to network whilst at the same time providing key information related to their employment.

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