Vision and values

BlueCross vision

Our vision is to be recognised as a leader of best practice in the delivery of aged care by providing innovative and responsive services and a flexible continuum of care.

Through a person-centred approach to care, we aim to enrich lives and improve residents' and clients’ wellbeing across our residential and community services.

BlueCross values

BlueCross has developed the 4Ps that underpin decision-making and expected behaviour of all staff.


To develop and demonstrate strong leadership, motivation, support and resources, resulting in empowered, engaged employees.


To continually deliver to stakeholders a result that is more than what was planned for and expected.


To work with our values, vision and mission and demonstrate these in our decision-making and behaviours.


To have a passion for what we are doing and the ability for staff, residents and partners to spread that passion throughout the organisation.

The STARFish principles

The STARFish Principles drive our service delivery philosophy. The STARFish Principles are:

  • Choose your attitude
  • Make their day
  • Be there
  • Have fun

The STARFish Principles

Valuing diversity

At BlueCross, we value diversity and foster an inclusive environment that respects people from different backgrounds, cultures, languages, attributes, beliefs, skills, gender, identity and experiences. To read more about our Diversity Framework, click here.

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