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BlueCross residences that offer Low Care  

BlueCross Ashby in Lower Templestowe 
BlueCross Autumdale in Cheltenham
BlueCross Baradine in Mooroolbark
BlueCross Broughtonlea in Surrey Hills
BlueCross Clevedon Terrace in Heidelberg
BlueCross Cresthaven in East Malvern
BlueCross Gardenia in Chelsea
BlueCross Glengowrie in Glenroy
BlueCross Hansworth in Mulgrave
BlueCross Highgrove in Kew
BlueCross Karinya Grove in Sandringham
BlueCross Monterey in Glenroy
BlueCross Riverlea in Avondale Heights
BlueCross Scotchmans Creek in Mount Waverley
BlueCross Silverwood in Templestowe
BlueCross Springfield in Box Hill
BlueCross Tarralla in Croydon
BlueCross The Boulevard Mill Park
BlueCross Waterdale in Ivanhoe
BlueCross Western Gardens Sunshine
BlueCross Willowmeade in Kilmore   








Low care

All aged care residences must provide specified levels of care and services to residents. The care services provided vary according to whether the resident has ‘low-care’ or ‘high-care’ needs. Low care is for clients who need some help, such as assistance with daily activities, personal care, and minor medical care, but do not have very complex ongoing care needs.

 The level of care you require will be determined by an aged care assessment, which helps to identify what level of support and care you need. 

Personal care and services
Assistance as required with the activities of daily living, such as

  • bathing
  • going to the toilet
  • eating
  • dressing
  • moving around
  • maintaining continence or managing incontinence
  • rehabilitation support
  • assistance in obtaining health and therapy services.
Accommodation services
 Also taken care of when living in residential care is:
  • maintenance of buildings and grounds
  • provision of some furnishings and bedding
  • cleaning services
  • general laundry
  • provision of some toiletries – bath towels, face washers, soap, toilet paper
  • provision of meals and refreshments
  • social and recreational activities
  • provision of staff on call. 
If you have any questions about low care, please contact BlueCross on 1300 133 414.